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Search Engine Optimization

A great website is useless if no one ever sees it. In addition to marketing your site, making it SEO-friendly so it's easily findable by Google and other search engines is a fundamental part of the building process.

Local SEO

If you have one physical location or 50, making sure your online business listings are created properly, optimized and verified is a crucial element in making your website an asset for your business.

Social Media

There's no debate: social media is a necessity to a successful business in today's digital age. That doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of time on it; a simple, evergreen approach will make it an asset without effort.


Regardless of your business' product or service, branding is the absolute most essential key to success.

An in-depth regional study with which I once worked called Mind Rank found that 77 percent of American consumers will contact a business they've heard of over a business they haven't heard of, regardless of ad size or flamboyancy.

A successful business is a combination of proper advertising techniques, public relations methods, product/service management and leadership.

Social media is a crucial element in developing any successful branding campaign and building a loyal fan base is the foundation of such an operation. I built the social media department at Rant, Inc. from scratch to a follower base of over 3.6 million. The best part is it was a ton of fun and these true fans help to make companies successful.